The AP Biology Exam consists of two sections: multiple choice and
free response. Both sections include questions that assess students’
understanding of the big ideas, enduring understandings, and essential
knowledge and the ways in which this understanding can be applied through the science practices.


The exam is 3 hours long and includes both a 90-minute multiple-
choice section and a 90-minute free-response section that begins with
a mandatory 10-minute reading period.
The multiple-choice section
accounts for half of the student’s exam grade, and the free-response section accounts for the other half.


Section I, Part A, consists of 63 multiple-choice questions that represent
the knowledge and science practices outlined in the
AP Biology Curriculum Framework that students should understand and be able to apply.
Part B includes 6 grid-in questions that require the integration of science
and mathematical skills. For the grid-in responses, students will need to
calculate the correct answer for each question and enter it in a grid.

In Section II, students should use the mandatory reading period to read and review
the questions and begin planning their responses.

This section contains two types of free-response questions (6 short and 2 long), and the
student will have a total of 80 minutes to complete all of the questions.


Due to the increased emphasis on quantitative skills and application of mathematical
methods in the questions on both sections, students will
be allowed to use simple four-function calculators (with square root) on the entire exam.
Students will also be supplied with a formula list