In this activity, you will collect information about different biomes by watching videos and doing research on the Web. You will locate the biome you choose on a world map. Then you will research your biome and present the information to the class.



Biome worksheet

World map

View the following videos and choose one of the biomes. Each student must choose a DIFFERENT biome!

Once you have choosen a biome, use the link to fill out the Biome worksheet.

Use collored pencils to fill in the locating of your biome on the World map.

View the temperature and precipitaion charts for your biome:

Tundra temp. and prec.

Desert temp. and prec.

Amazon rainforest temp. and prec.

After analyzing the temp. and prec. charts, complete the following table:

Temp. and Prec. Table

Research your biome using at least three different resources, including Biomes and the Web. Your research should include climate information, important physical factors (such as soil type, tides, salinity, etc.), plants and animals, adaptations of the plants and animals to their environment, and environmental issues that affect the biome.

Design a vacation brochure for your biome.

Use the following resources:

Things to include in a travel brochure

You may make your brochure out of construction paper, cutting and pasting


Using Word, go to File --> New from template --> Brochure

Use the following rubric to make your brochure:

Further exporation:

Design an imaginary plant or animal that is adapted to your biome. Write a description of the organism and its adaptations and make a drawing of it in its environment.