Welcome to Tools Data

spring 2016

Tools Data includes:

  • Application of educational technology to inquiry-based learning.
  • Consideration of methodologies and data analyses in the context of ongoing teacher and/or student projects.
  • Topics include: concepts in problem-solving; measurement; range of data (limits, extrapolation); chance and probability; computer modeling; and variability of data (amount and rate of change, approximation, precision and accuracy).

Big Idea

In this world of ever-increasing information our students must learn to collect, analyze, and interpret data for practical application and problem solving.

Essential Questions

  • What are the best technologies for my lesson?
  • How can I effectively integrate these tools into my lesson?
  • How can my students use data to increase understanding of concepts?

Methodology and Expectations

A variety of instructional methods will be used in this class. They include, but are not limited to:
    • Assigned Readings
    • Class Discussions and Blogs
    • Software Explorations
    • Individual Project Work