Online zoology will include the following topics/modules:

  • Introduction to Living Animals
  • Continuity and Evolution of Animal Life
  • Diversity of Animal Life
  • Activity of Life
  • Animals and Their Environments


  • This course will provide an overview of the animal kingdom.  It will incorporate the                  classification, evolutionary relationships, developmental patterns, structural and            functional adaptations, comparative anatomy and physiology, environmental                   interactions, and animal diversity.

         The five modules above will provide the framework for understanding zoology, but                     focus on high interest topics.  Some examples include:

    • “Extinct species who were discovered to be alive
    • How evolution produces similar adaptations in unrelated species
    • How species influence the evolution of other species
    • The evolution of intelligence and emotions in the animal kingdom


  • There will not be a text required for this course.
  • All resources will be provided online.
  • Google Drive (Docs) and a teacher website will provide these resources.
  • Extra help will be provided before school, after school, and during teacher preparation periods.
  • Laboratory activities will be available on a flexible time frame based on student schedule.
  • Field trips will be offered virtually and be offered tied to the in school class.
  • Powerschool will be used for grading


Your assignments will be posted daily on the course syllabus.